Sometimes we at Wight Digital Solutions find it hard not to be cynical about the latest range of machines, same box- different cover’s but this time we think Lexmark are on to something.


They have developed a new toner.   Toner is the stuff that produces the image, the ink if you like; it’s at the heart of the whole print process.


They call it Unison Toner and this is what they claim:


“Unison™ Toner delivers rich, vibrant colour with precise details enhanced by Lexmark’s calibration technology for the Pantone® colour system. Documents printed with Unison Toner look great from the first page to the last because of its uniquely engineered formulation.”


The Pantone colour system is a respected industry standard, it means that if you are after a particular colour shade, that’s what you get, not an approximation, this is hard for any printer to achieve and is a bold claim.


“Lexmark’s new devices have reduced Total Energy Consumption by more than one third. According to a recent Life Cycle Study by an independent firm, Unison’s cartridge technology has a per-page carbon footprint that is as much as 46% smaller than Lexmark’s largest competitor and Unison uses less energy than our previous toners because it prints at a lower temperature. Unison Toner’s unique low friction qualities increase toner flow, and contribute to its ability to transfer efficiently to the page—so there’s less toner waste. This new print system—with a separate toner and imaging unit design and a high-yield fuser—maximises the longevity of these components and delivers long-term reliability, ultimately saving time, money and the environment.”


The fusing temperature of a toner is crucial to how much energy a machine use’s, some machines have a toner that need fusing temperatures in excess of 200 degrees, so the machine in the corner is running at gas mark five! Toner wastage is another factor that has been addressed, so called “waste toner” is really the product of an inefficient process

We believe that Unison Toner represents a significant improvement in toner technology that will improve the machines operational performance and I doing so, save energy, money and the environment.