Book a free print audit!


During January Wight Digital Solutions are offering a free Print Audit.

Most companies have only a very vague idea of what they spend on printing and copying. If you send your prints via the network these print jobs can be monitored and accounted for.

A print Audit will give you very a precise report of who is printing what and on which machine, the data is a snapshot of your printing traffic and from it you can make informed decisions on how best to improve your office operations.

The process is simple, the print audit software looks at and records the information that printers constantly send to the network. We come along to your office and with the Print Audit software take a snapshot of the print traffic, returning a week or so later to take another snapshot, the process is non-intrusive and only monitors print data.

The Print Audit software then compares the data and produces an exact report on print activities that happened over the monitored period.  The report is for your information to do with what you wish, we keep no record ourselves.

I’ve listed below the benefits:

  • Learn who is printing the most and to what devices, what is being printed and more.
  • Spot printing abuses, inefficiencies and bottlenecks.
  • Reduce your printing costs and environmental footprint:
  • Redirect expensive print jobs to the most cost-effective printer.
  • Control colour costs by limiting colour usage by the user, computer, printer, number of pages, application and much more.
  • Reduce waste by encouraging or forcing users to print on both sides of the page.


To book an audit please email