January 10th and we are 10 days into the start of a new year, it might be a good time to look at your office equipment and decide how efficent and cost effective it is, if only!. Now we at Wight Digital Solutions know all about the present  economic difficulties and maybe you think the most you can afford are a couple of new biro’s but take a moment and read this.

A lot of deck top printers sit quietly on the desk costing you a fortune; you don’t notice this because the cartridge cost becomes part of the stationery budget and you must have stationery mustn’t you? Besides that they are slow and most of them can’t do much more than print.

You can’t buy a replacement because the budget won’t stretch to it, no problem, we think may have the answer, but before that let’s have a quick run through on photocopiers.

Modern photocopiers or “Multifunctional Devices” as they liked to be called do a lot more than just copy, they print obviously, they can scan, ok but I can buy a scanner for £50. , true but it won’t have a document feeder and it will be very slow, so you have to stand there scanning sheet by sheet, probably the most boring job on earth to do. Some of them can fax, a dying technology, but some of them can also email from the control panel and email is certainly not dying.

I hope I have made my point, they are better on all counts, so how come they are affordable?

First they are made to last and they are made to have very low running cost’s. We trade them in; we have an associate company that operates in the London area and from where most of our stock comes, in London they like new things you see. On the Isle of Wight we rebuild them, it’s cost effective, and environmentally responsible, in other words an all-round good thing!

And then we put them back to work with the same service arrangements that we would give to a new machine because we know they are in very good condition.

We hire them, we sell them and we lease them, so if you want to hire a real office multifunctional for less than you pay for the cartridge in your printer call us:

call 01983 360030 or email info@wightdigital.uk.com