With the growing concern for protecting our environment, there is a great need to reduce energy, paper and toner usage with printers and MFPs.


Lexmark have come up with a neat application to install on the B.S.D product range, it will add a suite of active modes to the control panel and print driver to encourage the user to use the machine in an environmentally friendly manner while at the same time reducing cost.

Eco Mode


Choosing this setting will automatically set duplex printing and power saver to default levels. Also, device engine motors do not start until a job is ready to print.


Power Saver

Set the number of minutes the device will wait before powering down the print engine. Standby mode will engage automatically when the device is in Power Saver mode.


Duplex Printing


By enabling duplex printing, device will automatically print on front and back of each piece of paper- reducing paper consumption by 50 percent.


Quiet Mode


Select amount of noise produced by the device. Device engine motors do not start until a job is ready to print, saving energy.