When Hobbit Press needed to update their machine they had a very specific brief.

The specification needed to encompass the facilities normally found on a production machine, but in a more compact unit.

They choose the Develop ineo+ 454 configured with a FS 534 staple finisher and with the saddle unit installed.

The ineo+ range have the ability to print on SRA3 paper size directly from the cassette; they can also duplex paper as thick as 256 g/m.

The bypass can take paper stock up to 300 g/m thick, this is seriously thick card, very few machines can print on material this thick and to add to its versatility, it can even print a banner 1.2 meters long.

The addition of the FS 534 staple finisher and saddle unit adds to the machines capabilities. With it they are able to collate and staple documents easily, the booklet maker make print quality booklets and has the additional benefit of producing tri-folded documents on the fly.

Time is money and to meet tight production times the machine needed to be quick, the model chosen has a very respectable speed of 45 pages per minute. In fact the models in the Develop ineo+ range start at 24 pages per minute to 65 pages per minute, so you can tailor speed to suit your requirement.

The operational costs of running the machine are low, important when providing print in a competitive market; it’s no use having a great machine if it’s too expensive to operate. Toner costs are low, combined with a long life service parts and long service intervals.

Wight Digital Solutions offer a comprehensive cost per page service and consumable package, so for peace of mind and predictable costs this may be the best solution for you.

Now with their new Develop systems machine Hobbit print can produce quality work, on time and on budget.