Paper – a good thing to make savings on? or why quality Paper is so worth the extra cost…

Paper is a tricky thing to buy; there are no universal quality standards to judge it by, no star ratings to guide you, so whats the difference between one type of paper and another?

Even paper cut from the same roll can have different characteristics, the paper cut from the centre of the roll will have more of a pronounced tendency to curl, definitely not a characteristic that you want when duplexing! Poor quality paper will also leave paper dust inside your machine, lint, loose fibres, even limestone, again something you definitely don’t want in a machine that uses optical sensors to control the passage of the paper!

The laser printer can’t print in white ink so it uses the background colour of the paper for the white areas of the document, so the brighter the background the better the image looks.

So how can you tell if it’s the right stuff?

You can’t from the packet unless it says something like Xerox on it. A machine manufacture like Xerox has done all the hard work for you by making sure the product from the paper mill is consistently up to standard.

And there are better ways to keep down costs than by skimping on paper, the most obvious is to print on both sides of the paper.

This can be set as the default setting on your print driver and when you copy directly from the machine’s control panel.

The next way is ask the question “do you really need to print this” because scanning costs you nothing.

So next time you are thinking of saving a bit on the stationary budget don’t buy a couple of boxes of unbranded paper unless you want to become expert at pulling paper jams out of your machine.

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