We always have trade-in machines because people upgrade and we take back their used machine.  We have a choice then, we can pass them on to a specialist warehouse that ship’s them off to the photocopier afterlife also known as Africa or we keep them and reintroduce them into our client base.

But  before they are let loose on our customers we rebuild them, ‘copiers, unlike cars, don’t suffer from rust or collision damage, the only thing that happens to them is they have parts that need changing and parts that need cleaning.   So we put them through our workshop and clean, replace, upgrade and test everything until we are satisfied they can be put back into use.

We then have a product that is a very cost effective way of getting a high specification machine at very economical running cost’s – more bang for your buck.

We have a constantly changing stock so call us to get the latest list, but just to give to give you an idea of price, we can supply a full size mono multifunctional [it can network print and scan] photocopier  for less than the price of a office specification mono printer and we will support it on a service agreement at the same price that we would for a new machine because we have confidence in our product.

If you need a proper office machine on a very tight budget this may be the machine for you.