Poor Copy Quality (Fine Lines)

Most of the time it is a foreign substance stuck to the scanner slit-glass. To confirm this, make a copy from the original glass [not using the document feeder] if the lines disappear clean the slit-glass with alcohol and check by making a copy through the document feeder.

Poor Copy Quality (Dark/Light/streaky) 


  • Most MFD’s have a user selectable auto image density control cycle in user settings, try this first.
  • The drum/cartridge may be near to the end of its “life” and this could be causing an image problem.  If the machine has colour capabilities does the image defect appear on all colours and black or just one? Colour machines have four separate units, you can usually select them individually, try to isolate which unit is causing the fault.
  • It can be the fuser unit at the end of life, this causes paper jams also.

Paper Jams

  • When removing a paper jam always remove the paper in the direction the paper travels through the paper path, never “yank” the paper out.
  • Too high a moisture content in paper or paper that is out of the machine’s design specification will cause jams.
  • Check paper size dial in cassette is set correctly, for example a common mistake is to load paper A4R landscape and have dial set to A4 portrait also check that the paper guides in the cassette are correctly set against the paper.

Printing/Networked related issues

  • Asking to load letter size paper. This is because the file has been saved in letter (American size). Change properties within file most machines can be configured to override this.
  • Not printing. Check network cables, switch hub etc. Is there an error displayed on the machine? (I.e. Check Network connection)
  • Do you have the correct driver for your operating system installed on server/work station; Postscript is not available on all printers.
  • Clear all jobs in queue on machine and on work station and retry.