Service Support

I want my office to be trouble free.
The reliability of business equipment hardware has been radically improved over time but like all complex technology, it needs the manufacturer maintenance program be carried out to maintain that reliability. Neglecting to service the equipment correctly will result in unexpected downtime that will affect your office productivity, to avoid this you need good technical support.
What do we mean by support?
In just the same way that the aircraft industry operates, our technical support starts by monitoring your machine in real time. This gives us a major advantage as we can see every issue as it happens, we can also read the life cycles of the consumable parts and plan routine maintenance precisely, our engineers will be aware of the parts required and carry them to complete the work in one visit. Over the life cycle of a machine it will need firmware and hardware upgrades, these can be done in a timely manner.
In the wider world.
Very few machines are stand alone, most interact with the wider world via your network. When an issue arises it may not be due to a failure of the machine but something else on the system. When this happens we will diagnose the fault and remedy it if we can, if it is beyond our remit will advise you and liaise with your IT provider.
OK I see the need, so how do we arrange this?
Wight Digital Solutions can support most of the major manufacturer’s equipment, we can support your existing fleet and new additions. We provide full fleet management at very competitive cost per page rates and would welcome the opportunity to quote for your system.
We also offer a fixed cost printer repair service, this link will guide you to the relevant page