Managed Print Services

Complete Care

What is Managed Print Services?
An office will have a varied collection of printing machines, from a simple desktop costing less than one hundred pounds to a production print machine costing many thousand’s. These machines will need to be maintained and supplied with consumables.

So how do you do this?
Someone within your organisation will need to monitor and order the printer consumables, they will need to maintain records of the printer maintenance program. They will also need to liaise with the support companies that provide your cost per print services.

And what is the result?
In practice this often doesn’t happen, accurate consumable stock levels are not kept, cartridges run out or are overstocked, money wasted. Printers are not maintained and are just run to destruction. The cost per print service provider is reactive, they respond to problems after they have occurred.

Is there a better way?
Yes! Outsource the problem and leave it to the experts. We have the tools to actively monitor your machines in real-time. This gives us the advantage of fore sight; we can predict issues before they occur and react to those issues before they become problems. We will maintain the equipment at the manufacturer required service points. We will deliver consumables as and when they are needed.

So what are the benefits of Managed Print Service?
Reduced costs, you free up staff time by outsourcing the time spent monitoring consumable stock levels, you also reduce costs by not holding consumable stocks on site. You reduce costs by accurately servicing the equipment thereby extending its life and improving its operational performance. With proactive rather than reactive cost per print maintenance you reduce downtime.

We like to call it Complete Care
We provide constant background monitoring of your office print environment, we can offer you detailed analysis of your print expenditure, and your money is not tied up in expensive and unwanted stock. Maintenance is carried out in a timely manner, equipment performance is improved and downtime reduced.

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